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  • Winter Storm Pounds East Coast, Possible Blizzard for Some Cities Washington D.C. and Baltimore Could See Two Feet of Snow, Causing Headaches By SCOTT MAYEROWITZ Feb. 5, 2010

  • "n Baltimore, weather forecasters are watching to see if the record snowfall of 28.2 inches set over Feb. 16-18, 2003 will be shattered. ..
    Weatherman Freaks Out - watch more funny videos

    Exclusive -- Weatherman Discusses Viral On-Air Blizzard Meltdown, from Feb 8th 2010 By Tommy Christopher
    Snow shuts down government, life goes on So far, the effects of a 3-day closure in D.C. have been negligible, Tuesday, February 9th of 2010
    "..WASHINGTON - If snow keeps 230,000 government employees home for the better part of a week, will anyone notice?
    With at least another foot of snow headed for Washington, Philadelphia and New York, we're about to find out. The federal government in the nation's capital has largely been shut down since Friday afternoon, when a storm began dumping up to 3 feet of snow in some parts of the region. Offices were remaining closed at least through Wednesday...

    Sn-Oh, No! Storm Leaves Behind a Mess

    " Record snowfall sinks power lines and collapses roofs across Mid-Atlantic. 02/11/2010



  • East Coast hammered by severe winter storm, from Dec 19, 2009

  • "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Heavy snowfall blanketed the East Coast on Saturday, disrupting public transport and air travel, and hampering holiday shoppers on the last weekend before Christmas.
    Up to 22 inches (56 cms) of snow was expected to fall by Saturday night in the Baltimore-Washington area, more than any snowstorm to hit the region since February 2003, as the storm system moved north into New York and New England...

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